The core of the LeQuest medical technology training modules
Interactive and engaging theoretical training modules

The LeQuest theoretical trainings transfer theoretical knowledge in an interactive environment. This gives the trainee the opportunity to practice with the subject matter and provides a safe and effective environment to gain theoretical knowledge.

Interactive learning
The learning content is gradually offered using various multimedia components such as graphics, animations, videos and interactive elements.
By correctly answering questions in the training and interactive tests, the trainee can prove that they've mastered the learning content.
Each training module results in a certification, which is valid for a specific duration of time.Trainees receive a certificate as proof of the knowledge and skills they have acquired.
LeQuest latest theoretical training offer
Training Radiation protection in medical X-ray applications
Exposure to ionizing radiation can cause adverse health effects. This course is specifically designed for medical professionals who deal with devices that produce radiation, but do not necessarily have a leadership role.
Training Handling medical technology
Incidents in hospitals are often caused by 'hidden' hazards that can occur during the use of medical technology. The training 'Handling medical technology' targets an increased awareness of these hazards.

Monitoring the training progress, anywhere and at any time

Each trainee has a personal account. This account is available online and can be accessed through any computer. This allows a trainee to go through the training modules at any time and place.

The management overview of LeQuest offers you insight in the progress of your trainees. In addition LeQuest can easily connect the services to your own LMS system.

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